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Exercise: "Seated Knee Raises (abs)" by Sruthan Wants Abs

More info / tips / proper technique:

Sitting on the edge of a chair or bench, grasp the seat with your hands near or slightly behind your hips for stability. Keep your spine straight. Your kness should be bent a little more than 90 degrees, with your heels lightly touching the floor.

Use you lower abs to raise your knees toward your chest, keeping your knees bent at the same angle. The motion hinges in the hips.

To perform this exercise properly, you will need to focus on using your lower abs to raise your knees. Use your leg and hip muscles as little as possible.

At the top of the motion (knees up), hold the ab muscle contraction for a count of two, then lower back to starting position with heels lightly touching the ground. Keep constant tension on the ab muscles, so don't allow the weight to rest on the floor between reps; just touch lightly.

abs: Seated Hip Raises abs: Seated Hip Raises abs: Seated Hip Raises abs: Seated Hip Raises

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