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Exercise: "Side Crunches (abs)" by Sruthan Wants Abs

More info / tips / proper technique:

Lay on your right side, bent at the hips and knees so that your thighs are about perpendicular with your torso, and your body makes an approximate z-shape. You'll probably also find it comfortable to let your legs cross around the ankles. Place your left hand, bent at the elbow, behind your head or gently cupped on your left ear. Gently grasp your left hip with your right hand.

Use your oblique abdominal muscles to lift your right shoulder off the floor and bring your left shoulder toward your left hip in a crunchlike motion. At first you may find it difficult to raise your should off the ground much, but keep at it, and your obliques will strengthen enough to get a bigger side crunch soon. Hold the muscle contraction at the top for a count of two, and then lower back down just touching your right shoulder lightly at the bottom. Do not rest your weight between reps because you want to keep a constant tension on the oblique abs.

After completing all reps on one side, turn over to the opposite side and perform all the reps on that side. 10 reps would mean 10 reps on EACH side. Don't always start on the same side -- you can work the muscles more evenly by alternating which side you begin on from workout to workout.

abs: Side Crunches bare feet abs: Side Crunches bare feet
abs: Side Crunches barefoot abs: Side Crunches barefoot

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