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Exercise: "sitting on the heels" by Ryvr

More info / tips / proper technique:

Letting your spine stretch gently in length, kneel with knees together, bring your feet together so that your soles are pointing upwards, and both heals and big toes are touching. It will be difficult at first to get your heals to stay touching. They'll want to spread apart. Don't force it. Placing a rolled up cloth or towel under the front of your ankles will make it easier. Gradually decrease the size of the cloth as you practice. You can also use a belt or band to gently pull your heals together if you need it to feel the stretch. Your sitting bones are resting on your heals. Use a blanket if you need for comfort, but your heals should be together, so you need to sit straight down on them. From the base of your spine to the top of the neck, allow the spine to lengthen naturally as you exhale. Imagine a balloon lifting from the top of your head if it helps, but don't rigidly force yourself straight.

Yoga pose sitting on the heels asana barefoot, heels and big toes together, soles facing up  

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